Here are some unedited testimonials from my clients

"Paula, you are an awesome personal trainer. I so appreciate the attention you give to my overall training goals, including giving me a schedule of workouts for each day of the month, working with me in the weight room and making it harder as I get stronger.
I like being pushed just the right amount and you are able to gauge that perfectly. I appreciate that we are steadily changing my body to be stronger, more shapely, and ultimately healthier.
Thanks! Gwyn"

"About 1 year ago when I was taking some very powerful prescribed medicines I felt myself going "downhill". While the medicines were doing there thing against the primary problem they were taking there toll on my general well being. Loss in weight, muscle tone and general strength as well as feeling down.
At that time I joined FAC and decided to work with a trainer and get back to my "young self". I met Paula and we worked out a very simple training program. I told her, I did not want to be Charles Atlas, just wanted to be able to ski, ride my bike, play tennis and walk 18 holes of golf,etc (not in the same day) without getting worn out .
We started slowly once or twice a week and I could feel my energy and stamina coming back. Paula was always cheerful and encouraging and never pushed. The program made me want to keep going. Without Paula I might have quit or "goofed off".
The results are fantastic, for example this week I went alpine skiing 3 days and really skied blues and blacks and felt great. My younger buddies called me the "EverReady Bunny" and really were surprised at my improvement. Life is Super again --I highly recommend Paula.
Al '75 Years Young."

"Hi Paula! We're on our way to Cancun tomorrow morning, so I'll reply before I forget. I've had a very positive experience with you. The opportunity to work with a train, at first, was a little intimidating as well as exciting. I'm not a "weight room" type of person, or at least I have a tendency to think about myself that way. You made me feel very comfortable and clearly met me where I was at and helped me to get to where I wanted to go.
After having a baby, and trying to get into shape, it was wonderful to have a weekly appointment and know that I was going to be challenged to work hard, that you wouldn't slack off, but wouldn't work me beyond what was too much either.
Hope to see you soon!

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